30 Jun 13
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1 year ago

Since flower crowns are ~so in right now~

I did a shoot with a friend a while ago. She’s a great photographer. I’m just the girl with too much make up on.

  1. sir-yessir said: YOU ARE THE PRETTIEST PRINCESS <3
  2. princesalpsan said: you’re such a babe, geez.
  3. elizabethrosalyn said: Lovely!
  4. staygold-kanerboy said: you are rockin’ that headgear, my friend. <3 from now on, when i see your posts i will expect that you are blogging with a flower crown on.
  5. analogheart said: you are so beautifullll
  6. oduya said: you’re so beautiful!!! <3
  7. misandryad said: DARLING :’)))<3333
  8. princess-siddnttety said: :)))) cutie! <3
  9. thehoneybadger said: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, MY DARLING <3
  10. peekaaboo said: you look really pretty!!
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